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2022 interior design ideas to inspire your DIY project

Explore new year interior design ideas and transform your home with Crown.

2022 interior trends

As many of us have spent a large amount of time in our homes over the past two years due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise that 2022 will see us wanting more from our living spaces.

Whether this is by creating multi-functional rooms, experimenting with daring décor or enjoying our home as a somewhere to retreat to, this year’s styles are sure to impact to any project.

We have some great tips to help you make the most of your space and feature some of 2022’s top interior design trends.

Bold colours, patterns and features

We’ve found new ways to express ourselves in the past two years due to the pandemic and we can expect this to translate to our home too. Instead of shying away from striking colours and brave patterns, 2022 will see homeowners using the opportunity to try something new because, well, why not? 

Choose bold and rich colours such as our Colourfast from Elle Decoration by Crown to make a feature of a previously neutral or tired-looking wall. This look works well in all rooms but living rooms and bedrooms are classic choices for injecting a statement tone. Use more vivid shades to separate multi-purpose rooms such as a desk space in a bedroom.

Textiles are set to be huge this year and are the ideal way to add splashes of colour if you don’t like the idea of painting whole rooms. Explore different textures and patterns, such as rugs, wallpaper and soft furnishings.

If you’re all about standing out from the crowd, try experimenting with contrasting tones such as red and pink, blue and navy, or different shades of the same colour to add depth and layers to your décor. 2022 is all about exploring colour palettes and creating statement designs. 

Go traditional 

While the creatives among us might prefer to try something new when it comes to interior design inspiration, many will choose to turn back to tradition for a sense of nostalgia and comfort. Mixing this with modern ideas is sure to become a trend of its own in 2022. 

Velvet armchairs and floral furnishings will create a traditional focal point in a living room and give a nod to the importance of textiles. Choosing one piece instead of overcrowding the space with multiple items will showcase your furniture and allow the room to flow.

Exposed beams and ceiling panels are a lovely feature of older cottages and farmhouses. Stripping back character woodwork gives a sense of elegance and restoration and allows traditional to meet modern. If you’re lucky enough to live in a property with such features, why not make them the focal point of your home?  

Classic tiling in bathrooms and kitchens contrasted with modern colours is sure to update tired spaces. A darker shade such as our easyclean® breatheasy® bathroom paint in Emerald Vision next to white, Victorian tiling is guaranteed to create a bathroom you want to escape to.

Sustainable interior design 

Taking care of the environment is high on the agenda for 2022 – think upcycling, recycling and updating. With sustainability now as important as the look itself, this year will see more of us being choosy over where we get our products from and what constitutes them.

A home makeover doesn’t mean having to buy a completely new look. Work with what you have and strip back the floorboards. Give old and tired woodwork a new look by painting it in a modern colour, such as our non-drip satin in mellow sage. However, make sure to prepare such surfaces so they last, with our wood primer and undercoat in white being an excellent option.

Select a few statement pieces of antique furniture that will last a lifetime to provide a focal point. This works even better if they’re family heirlooms, especially as each one will come with its own unique story.

Check out online marketplaces to see if there are any local items for sale or available to swap that can help update your décor. You never know, you might have just the item someone else is searching for too.

Your home is a sanctuary 

As we’ve become accustomed to spending more time at home, we now expect our spaces to fulfil multiple needs. A workspace, a cooking space, somewhere to learn and play with the kids, and a place to relax. 

More than ever, we need space in our homes to provide a sanctuary – somewhere we can hunker down and feel cosy. Create texture in living rooms and snugs with flat matt paint paired with soft and cosy throws, blankets and cushions to nuzzle into. If you’re short on space, dedicate an area of another room such as a window bench in the dining room.

Mix and match this year’s interior design trends with Crown Paints

Incorporating 2022’s interior trends with your own personal style doesn’t need to mean a full home makeover.

If you’re feeling inspired to get more out of your home and create a look that will last through 2022 and beyond, check out Crown’s full range of paint colours and see how easy it is to transform a room.

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