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is to help everyone paint their own possible

At Crown, we believe every pot of paint is brimming with potential.  And we want to put that in the hands of everyone.  Because with paint, you can change a room, change a mood, even change a life.  

That’s why we want to inspire people to paint their world better, braver and beautifuller (yes that’s not a word, but this is paint, you can do anything).

We know what a positive difference we can make to people and our planet, so we’ll keep pushing what’s possible.

Now and always.

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Project Possible

The challenges facing people and our planet are more evident today than ever. But this is not a time to feel down. It’s a time to step up.

That’s why we’ve launched Project Possible. And. It. Is. Huge.

We’ve always known the positive difference we can make to people and our planet; now we’re dialling it up.

With the support of our colleagues across the UK and Ireland, we’ve committed to an ambitious programme of actions. Together we’ll be combining all our knowledge, passion and expertise in order to help make everyone’s world a more beautiful place.



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