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Bedroom Ideas for Teens

The transition from child to teenager is a huge milestone. Transforming a child’s bedroom into one fit for a teen can cause tension within the family. But with some collaboration and colourful inspiration you can all work together to create a space everyone loves – even if your teen doesn’t show it!

Create a Multi-Functional Space

Unlike a child’s bedroom where the main functions are sleep and play, a teen bedroom needs to serve additional purposes like working and hanging out as well. The key to a successful teen bedroom scheme is using the space effectively and creating zones.

Furniture placement is an ideal way to create a multi-functional space, as it can be used as a room divider to give each area a specific purpose. If your teen is fortunate enough to have a large room, adding a double bed can instantly make their space feel more grown-up.

When space is at a premium, consider a cabin bed with space for a desk underneath. If your teen deems a bunk-bed style bed too childish, desks hidden away in cupboards are a neat way to enable productivity while keeping precious floor space clear.

When considering teen bedroom colours, consider using different tones of the same colour. A word of caution – avoid using shades that can be too distracting. Instead, try to stick to more muted hues and add splashes of colour through soft furnishings or artwork.

You’ll find our standard emulsion comes in a range of colours and can even be colour matched for that perfect hue!

Get Collaborating

When considering teen bedroom decor, it can be tempting to take the reins – after all, it is your house. But collaborating with your child to create the bedroom of their dreams will give them the slice of control they often crave. /p>

Working with your teen to develop a scheme you both love will not only ensure you have a room that can be used by guests when they fly the nest, but it will help bring you closer together.

Start looking at cool teen bedrooms on Pinterest and Instagram together and create a mood board of your favourite looks. You can then see if any themes emerge and what colour palettes you’re drawn to.

Instead of following trends, pick colours they like but in a more grown-up version. If they love pink, then our Rose Gold or Made with Love options from our Crafted™ collection are great alternatives.

Have Fun with Décor

Ultimately, decorating a bedroom should be fun – and teen bedroom décor is all about designing a scheme that channels who they want to become. We love using similar tones to create geometric shapes. Not only does this help with zoning for a multi-purpose room, but it adds an element of the unexpected.

You could even introduce a bold wallpaper behind the bed, or if maximalism is more your thing hang it from every wall. For teens looking for a cosy cocoon, why not try painting the ceiling in a rich colour and bringing it down onto door frames and window surrounds for a playful take?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to transform a blank canvas, painting wood trim offers the ideal solution. Non-drip gloss is perfect for skirting, doors and window frames and is available in a whole host of fun colours.

Invest in Smart Storage

Teen bedrooms need as much storage as possible – and not just a floordrobe! Space dependent, an ottoman bed is perfect for storing out-of-season clothes and can be used to hide away all the things they don’t want to take when they leave home.

Adding open shelves around the bed is an easy and effective way to increase storage without making the room feel closed in. Use light colours and use indoor plants and woven baskets for a natural feel or add coloured Perspex boxes if your teen wants pops of contemporary colour.

If the bedroom furniture you have is still in good working order but doesn’t fit the cool teen bedroom vibe you’re going for, try upcycling. Upcycling is a fun way to create bespoke furniture – and it’s pretty simple too. All you have to do is sand down the furniture and make sure you remove any varnish, then add a coat or two of primer or undercoat and allow it to dry before painting in your chosen colour. We also love updating the handles to give it a complete overhaul.

Get Inspired

If you’re feeling inspired to give your teen’s bedroom a refresh, browse our range of paint samples and get your project underway.

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