Afternoon Tea®️ (Easyclean, Kitchen Matt Emulsion)
Blended (ELLE Decoration by Crown, powder)
Clay Like (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Country Farmhouse® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Dash Of Nutmeg®️ (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Dash Of Nutmeg® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Delicate Touch (ELLE Decoration by Crown, powder)
Delicately Dark (ELLE Decoration by Crown, powder)
Drawing Board® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
East Village® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
East Village®️️ (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Fine Porcelain (ELLE Decoration by Crown, powder)
Flawless (ELLE Decoration by Crown, powder)
Hand Crafted (ELLE Decoration by Crown, crafted)
Hare® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Highlight (ELLE Decoration by Crown, powder)
Linen Blend® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Linen Blend® (Walls & Ceilings, Silk Emulsion)
Market Day® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Matted Off (ELLE Decoration by Crown, powder)
Mulberry Mist® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Natural Look (ELLE Decoration by Crown, powder)
Organic Cloth® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Personal Touch (ELLE Decoration by Crown, crafted)
Picnic Basket® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Picnic Basket®️️ (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Potted History® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Powder Brush (ELLE Decoration by Crown, powder)
Powdered Clay®️ (Easyclean, Bathroom Mid Sheen Emulsion)
Powdered Clay®️ (Easyclean, Kitchen Matt Emulsion)
Powdered Clay®️ (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Refined (ELLE Decoration by Crown, powder)
Reframed® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Ruby Chocolate® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Rustic Twine® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Saddle Stitch® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Sewing Bee (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Snowfall®️ (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Snowfall® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Snowfall® (Walls & Ceilings, Silk Emulsion)
Soft Touch® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Spring Heather® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Tailored (ELLE Decoration by Crown, crafted)
Transluscent (ELLE Decoration by Crown, powder)
Vintage Crush® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Weaved (ELLE Decoration by Crown, crafted)
Wheatgrass (Easyclean, Bathroom Mid Sheen Emulsion)
Wheatgrass (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Wheatgrass (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Wheatgrass (Walls & Ceilings, Silk Emulsion)
White Pepper® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Yarn® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)

Neutral paint colours

One of the most popular colour families, Neutrals are beloved for their versatility and ease-of-use. Neutrals come in a wide range of shades and are a timeless choice for any space. From classic off-whites and soft greys, to smoky taupes and earthy browns, Crown has your walls (and ceilings) covered. 

At Crown, we understand that choosing the right colour for your home is an important undertaking, and a task that may be challenging at times. Luckily, we offer a range of useful tools to help you determine your ideal selection. Our online colour swatches provide a simple way to browse and select the best paint for your project, while our Colour Samples offer an easy, mess-free way to see different shades within your space before making a final decision. You can also contact our Colour Specialists for expert advice on all of our products. 

When it comes to your home, the right paint colour can make all the difference. Our Neutral paints are designed to create a beautiful, understated finish that adds elegance and sophistication to your interiors. Browse our range of Neutral paint shades today and discover the perfect product for your next project!