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How to Create a Japandi-Style Bathroom

One of the hottest trends we’re seeing is the effortless combination of Scandinavian cool with the minimalist Japanese style. Despite being thousands of miles apart, these two aesthetics have a lot in common.

Bringing form and function in an understated way, harmonising with natural elements, while bringing the cosy hygge vibes, Japandi is a style we can definitely get behind. There’s no better room in the house to try combining the traditional elements of Japanese design with the contemporary rustic feel of Scandinavian décor than the bathroom.

Keep it Natural

Japandi style is all about light, natural materials. Choose a colour palette that’s warm yet neutral to create a cosy and bright bathroom. We particularly love colours from our neutrals collection like winterbloom, fawn suede and wheatgrass. Pale woods look great alongside a neutral wall and can really tie the whole scheme together. Don’t forget to add in accessories like rattan planters, bamboo bath mats, maybe even a wooden bath bridge if you’re aiming for a spa feel.

Embrace Hygge

Japanese-Scandi fusion wouldn’t be complete without a bit of hygge. Hygge is a Nordic concept that is all about embracing a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being. To incorporate a bit of hygge into your Japandi interior, think about adding textures.

Invest in a sumptuous bathrobe and oversized fluffy bath sheets in neutral colours to feel the warmth. And don’t forget to add in candles for those long, hot soaks. Candles with citrus overtones and woody scents like oud and sandalwood work well in bathrooms and help create that cosy cocoon feel.

Go Matt and Minimal

Japandi interior design is all about understated minimal design. Using a simple neutral colour palette, paint not only walls and ceilings with the same colour, but skirting, door frames and window surrounds. Our breatheasy® range of mid sheen bathroom emulsion can be applied to walls and ceilings as well as woods and metals. Designed specifically for bathrooms, it features MOULDGUARD+ technology to help keep your bathroom looking fresher for longer.

Avoid shiny fixtures and fittings and instead opt for matt styles, like matt black or brushed gold or chrome. And don’t forget to keep everything else minimal. We know that keeping busy family bathrooms clutter-free can be overwhelming but using vertical space as well as horizontal for extra storage can be the key to minimal design.

Toilet and sink units that combine drawers and cupboards as well as open shelving and tall cabinets can help clear the clutter. Using woven baskets to store smaller items can also help keep the look feeling minimal and fuss-free.

Add in Black Accents

A lot of Japandi interior design features black accents. Inspired by traditional Japanese art, these little touches of black can help tie a scheme together and stop it from looking like a plain bathroom.

Add a contemporary twist to your bathroom with black grouting to take your Japandi interior to the next level. If you have the space, a walk-in shower with a black frame and black shower head is a striking way to add in this Japandi touch.

If you want to add more dark tones, why not pick out skirting, door frames and window surrounds in dark greys like aftershow or black glass no.194.

Final Flourishes

Ultimately, the Japandi concept is firmly rooted in minimalism, so everything in the space should have a purpose. But that doesn’t mean final flourishes are to be forgotten. Harness the beauty of nature and bring in some houseplants for a touch of colour. Dragon plants, trailing ivy, aloe vera and eucalyptus all work well in a bathroom environment.

Are you ready to inject some Japandi style into your bathroom? Order your paint samples today and find the perfect hue for your Japandi colour palette. You can even tag us in your finished bathroom @crownpaintsuk.

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