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How to embrace a colourful interior

As pioneers of colour, Crown Paints will show you how to add colour to your home, from small pops of colour to pastel hues, feature walls to clashing prints.

How to add colour to your interiors if you’re afraid of colour

Whilst we may know what colours and shapes suit our bodies, we’re sometimes not so sure about our homes. Our interiors are a reflection of our personalities and our tastes; if we’re afraid of bold designs, our rooms can come across as bland and boring, even for the most gregarious.

So how do you just add colour to a home if you’re afraid of colour? Well, the truth is, you’re probably not afraid, you’re just unsure where or even how to use it. Which is where we come in. Here at Crown Paints, we’re the colour experts. 

We’ll show you how to use our paints with patterns in a way that helps you showcase your style.

Start small

Colourful interiors don’t have to mean every wall is inundated with clashing patterns. Instead, spaces may embrace multiple hues in small doses. If you have a neutral room that you’re generally happy with but want to add a bit of interest, start small.

Consider adding a splash of colour in an unexpected place. This could be in a playful way, like painting the edge of a door in a neon pink that can only be seen when the door is open or adding a gallery wall of prints and images that feature bold shades.

If you’re feeling creative, you could also try painting a piece of wooden furniture.

Use colour behind closed doors

If you like the idea of a colourful interior but are unsure about rooms that are ‘on show’, consider using paint in more private rooms, like bathrooms or guest bedrooms. Parts of the house that don’t get as much traffic can often provide the perfect canvas to practise embracing colour.

Guest bedrooms are a great place for you to experiment with bright shades and bold designs. We love pairing sunny tones like yellow, blue and pink with striking patterns like Ikat or Moroccan-inspired geometric shapes.

If you like the idea of pops of colour like orange or purple, but you’re not ready to embrace them in your living rooms, why not give them a whirl in your bathroom? We have a whole host of bathroom colours to choose from.

Incorporate bright accessories

Just like accessories can transform an outfit, incorporating bright knick-knacks can have a huge effect on the look and feel of a room. Cushions are a simple way to just add colour if you’re not keen on totally transforming a space. Consider using one main hue and then incorporating patterns with that shade running through it, as well as using a contrasting colour for added impact.

Use nature’s brights

Take inspiration from Mother Nature and add a splash of colour by bringing the outside in. A bouquet of flowers can instantly lift any interior. Whether you opt for bold tulips or subtle dusky roses, not only will your room benefit from the organic addition, but it will instantly add vibrancy. If you’re feeling inspired by your new blooms, move the arrangement around the rooms and see how the light in different places affects the colours. This will help give you an idea of how a wall in your favourite floral hue could look.

Try pastels first

If the thought of a dark and moody wall fills you with dread, you can still embrace colour, albeit in a more muted way. Pastels are an ideal way for you to create a colourful interior that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Light shades of blues and greens work well in living rooms, while pale pinks and purples create an otherworldly, dreamlike atmosphere – perfect for bedtimes. A matt finish will create a modern look, while eggshell or satin produces a slightly glossy finish to bounce light around darker spaces.

Add an accent

Accent colours are an effortless way to just add colour to any interior. For a large impact, you’ll want to use it in small quantities, and they should be in a complementary tone.

If you’re feeling buoyed by your new love of colour, you can add an accent feature wall. If you’re still practising embracing daring interiors, simply add a rug or a cushion in your chosen hue, as well as a few scattered trinkets like vases or a lampshade to tie the whole scheme together.

Limit your colour choices

The key to colourful interiors is to limit your colour choices. Any more than three different hues will create a chaotic feel. Instead, try using different shades and add in accent tones to help ground a cohesive interior.

Ultimately, have fun! Interior colour design is all about trial and error, and our homes aren’t a place to be too serious.

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