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How to make your Bathroom Child Friendly

A family bathroom is the heart of any home – but it’s also a space where busy parents can relax at the end of the day. We share with you our expert tips on how to make your bathroom child friendly, whilst also being an oasis of calm for parents.


Whether you have children or you’re expecting an imminent arrival, one thing you’ll know (or learn pretty quickly!) is that there will never be enough storage where kids are concerned. But incorporating clever storage solutions is a great place to help give your room at least a feeling of organised chaos.

The size of the bathroom will depend on which storage you choose, but combination units that seamlessly include a basin as well as shelving and drawers is a great solution for small bathrooms. As are floating shelves and wicker baskets.

You can easily add your own stamp on storage by painting cupboards. We especially love our non-drip wood paint. Easy to apply, it’s perfect for busy family bathrooms thanks to its durability.


Child friendly bathroom design doesn’t have to mean child-focused. When thinking about a colour scheme for your bathroom, consider the type of scheme you’re looking for.

If you’re trying to create a more sophisticated look, a monochromatic scheme works well, whereas if you’re after more of an impact, why not consider an oversized mural with bright hues?

If you’re still a little unsure, you can always play it safe with your family bathroom and opt for tried and tested colours, like blue and white.

Blues work really well in the bathroom and are a subtle nod to all things nautical. Use accessories to add a pop of colour or assign members of the family different coloured towels. Keep walls and floors one main subtle colour to create a harmonious and relaxing scheme.

Our go-to bathroom paint colour is our easyclean® breatheasy® Bathroom Mid Sheen Emulsion. 99% solvent free and asthma and allergy friendly, you’ll find our paint is perfect for family bathrooms. If you’re looking for a more grown-up finish, we especially love midnight navy and teal blues.

Bathroom Suites 

The key to child friendly bathroom design is installing a bathroom suite that suits the needs of all the family – not just the biggest or the littlest members. A separate bath and shower are the ideal solution, but it’s totally dependent on the space you have.

If you like a long soak in the tub, then a bath is a must-have, whilst having a separate shower is great if you have both young and older children. Of course, if that’s not possible than an over-bath shower is perfect.

A fixed rainforest shower might look great but for a family bathroom you might want to stick to a shower had that can be moved up or down to accommodate for smaller family members.

Finishing Touches

Child friendly bathrooms are all about making sure everyone can enjoy the space, so adding a few finishing touches for adults is just as important too.

This can be simple things like including sumptuous bath sheets instead of bath towels or having your favourite scented candle displayed on an open shelf – that only you can reach – ready to light when you have a moment’s peace.

Including house plants in your bathroom like aloe vera plants, peace lilies and even a humble fern can help transform your once child-orientated bathroom into a peaceful haven. You can even make it part of the kid’s bath time routine to water the plants!

Reduce Safety Risks

Pre-children you probably stored cleaning products, medicines, and other potentially dangerous items in the bathroom, but for a child friendly bathroom, you need to make sure they’re kept out of reach or locked away.

It’s not just chemicals you need to be aware of, heated bathroom towel rails / radiators should be positioned out of children’s reach too, or at least turned down to avoid scalding.

You should also be aware of the type of lock on the bathroom door. Use something high up, or one that can be unlocked from the outside.

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