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Instagram’s most popular interior design trends

Summer is on the way, which means Brits across the country are preparing to spruce up their homes or perhaps decorate a new one. While trends in interior design may not change as quickly as fashion trends, it can be tricky to keep up with what’s going on in the world of home décor.

Between choosing paint colours, buying furniture, and upgrading your furnishings, decorating your home can be overwhelming at first, making a project that should be fun feel like a drag. Whether you’re wanting to give your living room a makeover or you’re after some interior design ideas for a home office space, we’ve pulled together a few suggestions to inspire you. 

Here, we explore some popular interior design ideas for your home.

Feature walls

Feature walls have become a popular interior design trend on Instagram this year and you’re likely to see a lot more of them as they make their way into homes across the UK. 

A feature wall is one wall that is painted or decorated in a different way from the other walls in the room. It often incorporates bright colours or eye-catching patterns to draw attention to the area, allowing you to dramatically change the appearance of your space without overwhelming it.

Bold, patterned wallpaper has become popular for accentuating a feature wall. Think geometric shapes, large florals and retro-style prints. A patterned feature wall is a great option for a small room, which can feel even smaller when all dimensions are brightly coloured or smattered with prints.

Artistic arches are another interior design feature that’s proved fashionable on Instagram this year. If your home doesn’t have built-in arches, you can recreate the look by simply painting the shapes on a feature wall. Opt for adventurous colours like our Walls and Ceiling Trend colours on a solid background and you’ll be bang on-trend.

Home office design

The pandemic has encouraged a more flexible approach to work. With many UK companies embracing remote working, home offices have become one of the top interior design trends of 2022.

Unique workspaces are a priority; many people are choosing to design a home office that’s a far cry from the dreary, corporate environments to which they’re so accustomed. Forget plain white walls, basic furniture, and glaring fluorescent lights. It’s all about embracing your individual style.

Instagram has been flooded with images of cheerful home office designs, each bursting with distinctive touches that emulate the worker’s personality. If you’re thinking of following suit, you can achieve the look by hanging artwork on the walls and adorning your desk with a few trinkets to make your work-from-home space feel more appealing.

Garden rooms

Now that the boundaries have blurred between work and home, many Brits are keen to create a space to relax and escape the monotony of daily life. This may be why bringing the outside in has come to the forefront of Instagram’s interior design trends, with plant-filled garden rooms growing in popularity.

Garden rooms typically require the help of a professional to build, but once the structure has been created, you’re free to decorate the space to your heart’s content.

Add a lick of paint to the walls to introduce a touch of well-considered colour. The easyclean® breatheasy® Matt Emulsion is our toughest and most washable range, so you won’t have to worry about mess from soil leaving stains on your walls. Earthy browns like wheatgrass are ideal for creating a natural, rustic feel, or opt for crisp clay white® to make the foliage pop.

No garden room is complete without plenty of greenery, so choose a variety of plants in different sizes and styles to complement your space. If you haven’t got a lot of room to work with, getting creative with shelving and hanging or trailing varieties will help you make the most of your space.

Themed décor

Themed décor may be niche, but it’s quickly made its way into the feeds of many interior design posts on Instagram.

Boutique hotel glam is one trend that’s back with a vengeance. This style is all about opulence and extravagance; think bold jewel tones and sumptuous fabrics for a look that oozes sheer luxury. Opt for gold or silver candlesticks and ornate mirrors, then finish it off with a large chandelier, and you’ll feel like a Hollywood star.

In stark contrast to boutique hotel glamour, country living décor has also made a comeback. This look is all about warmth and rustic vibes. Vintage florals and cushioned armchairs are seen in the “cottagecore” aesthetic that’s gaining thousands of likes, along with farmhouse style kitchens, open fireplaces, classic wooden floors, and exposed stonework.

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