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Stay on-trend this season with our new Easyclean® range

A fresh coat of paint is a wonderful way to instantly add personality and charm to your home. Our new Easyclean® range is meticulously designed to inspire and elevate your living spaces with vibrant colours and practicality in mind. When life’s messy moments occur, simply wipe away using nothing more than a damp cloth—it couldn’t be simpler.

Whether it’s time to transition the home office into a nursery, the guest room into a home office, or if you simply want an updated look for your living space—Easyclean® has the colours and finishes you’re looking for. From soothing neutrals to bold statement shades, there are endless possibilities for reinventing your home with our Easyclean® paints.

What is Easyclean® by Crown?

Our Easyclean® range is designed to meet the demands of the busiest homes, providing a stylish yet practical solution for walls, ceilings, wood, and metal that is 200 times tougher than standard emulsion. This multi-surface, wipeable paint is made especially for high-traffic areas. With a variety of gorgeous colours, EasyClean® enhances the look and feel of your home while shielding it from daily wear and tear. Muddy boots, wet dogs, sticky fingers and spills have met their match!

You have 3 specific products in the Easyclean® Tough & Washable range to choose from, so no matter what space you’re reinventing you have a paint you can trust.

  • Easyclean® Tough & Washable Matt Emulsion is recommended for living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, and other busy areas. From sticky fingers to muddy footprints and messy spills to accidental splashes, our Easyclean® collection keeps your home beautiful and well maintained for longer.
  • Our Easyclean® Kitchen Matt Emulsion with Greaseguard+ technology keeps the heart of the home spotless and hygienic, repelling grease and stains. Whether it’s bubbling sauces splashing onto the back of the hob, oil stains from frying, or wine spills from your last dinner party, you can rest assured that Easyclean® Kitchen Matt Emulsion will keep your kitchen looking and feeling fresh.
  • In bathrooms, where moisture and soap marks are constant concerns, our Easyclean® Mouldguard+ Bathroom Mid Sheen Emulsion prevents mould and mildew while keeping surfaces looking sleek.

Read on for inspiration on how you can incorporate Easyclean® into your home.

1. Create a soothing blue oasis with our shade Duck Egg

Turn your space into a tranquil haven with Duck Egg from our Easyclean® Tough & Washable Matt Emulsion product range. This soothing shade brings a sense of calm and serenity to any room, evoking feelings of summer blue skies and refreshing tropical waters. Whether used on walls, ceilings, or as a highlight colour, Duck Egg looks lovely when paired with sleek metals, natural wood accents, and other blue tones. With our Easyclean® technology, maintaining the pristine look of your surfaces is effortless.

2. Elevate your kitchen with our luxurious Emerald Vision®

This rich green shade is guaranteed to infuse your space with natural energy and style. Our innovative Greaseguard+ technology effortlessly repels grease and stains so you can spend less time thinking about your paint job, and more time perfecting your recipes. Pair Emerald Vision® with brass fixtures and marble countertops for a chic, on-trend look that leaves a lasting impression.

3. Soften up your bathroom with Pashmina®

Transform your bathroom from dated and dull into a delicate retreat with the shade Pashmina® from our Easyclean® Bathroom Mid Sheen range. This soft light pink hue with subtle lavender undertones offers elegance with a touch of whimsy, and is ideal for promoting an atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation. Enhanced with our powerful Mouldgaurd+ technology, this washable, wipeable, and durable multi-surface bathroom paint keeps walls clean, fresh, and free from mould and mildew.

4. Bring nature into the bedroom with Botanical Extract®

Create a sense of serenity with the whisper-soft sage green shade Botanical Extract® from our Easyclean® Matt Emulsion range. This gentle hue embodies the calming presence of nature, infusing your space with peace and tranquility. Botanical Extract will brighten and refresh the bedroom, promoting relaxation and restfulness. We love this shade paired with crisp white linens, wooden furniture, and botanical accents. With our revolutionary Easyclean® technology, maintaining the look of your surfaces is effortless. This versatile formula can be used on walls, ceilings, wood and metal!

5. Add a soft warmth to hallways with Ivory Cream

Bring an inviting warmth into your hallways with the shade Ivory Cream from our Easyclean® Matt Emulsion range. This subtle, timeless hue envelops your space with a gentle glow, welcoming all who pass through. Enhanced with Easyclean® technology, this classic paint colour will stay looking fresh and luxurious for years—even in these high traffic areas where dirty pets, wet or muddy shoes, and plenty of dirty handprints are par for the course. Pair Ivory Cream with natural wood accents, soft area rugs, and framed artwork for an elegant hallway that helps set the tone for the rest of your home.

Ready for pristine walls that last? Our Easyclean® collection offers a wide range of shades for every inch of your home. Browse our helpful colour samples to try colours and textures at home without the mess or visit your local Crown Paints retailer to shop now!

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