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Foresight looks towards the future with a nod to the past – specifically the Bauhaus, a German Design school set up by Walter Gropius at a time of political and economic turmoil in 1919.

The Bauhaus sought to unify art, craft and industry and offered emerging artists and designers the opportunity to create designs for the future. Gropius believed that architecture and design should reflect a new period in history and adapt to the era of the machine. Notable masters and lecturers taught at the school including Johannes Itten, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee.

From the school, the Bauhaus movement evolved into a style described as utilitarian or honest that championed geometrics and abstracts. Form follows function, minimalism and honest design with an emphasis on technology were the key messages.

Foresight is optimistic and contemporary and looks to the future with excited anticipation.

“I love the way this trend brings us ‘back to the future’. With a functional approach to design aesthetics reflective of the Bauhaus, its strong colours and shapes provide graphic focal points within a space. This contemporary and progressive approach embraces affordable materials to create an Interior full of modernist values that positions honest forms at its core.”



Crown Colour Consultant

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Foresight looks towards the future with a nod to the past. It is optimistic and contemporary and looks beyond the present with excited anticipation.

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