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reset Colour Trend

Reset offers a chance to wind down, feel the warmth of the sun, absorb the scents of jasmine and lemon and drift with the ebb and flow of lapping water.

Capturing the mood of the nation through the last few months, wanting to escape to sunny climates, Reset is evocative of the most breath-taking view in the most memorable of destinations.

Poster art was one of the key drivers for this trend. More and more visual artists and illustrators are creating stylised and simplistic figurative illustrations with relaxing Mediterranean-inspired themes and colour palettes, bringing a sense of calm on to people’s walls.

The different blues drift from one to the next in this watercolour palette, which helps create a positive effect on our wellbeing. Warm ochres, sandy hues and hessian textures restore equilibrium with organic naturalness.

“Immersing ourselves in the big blue with all our senses can have therapeutic properties. Use this calming colour palette of soothing blues and gentle warm neutrals to reset yourself back to balance.”



Crown Colour Consultant

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