Uplifting, joyful and quirky. Witty is influenced by upbeat design and the New London Fabulous Movement. A celebration of colour in an age of closing borders, simplistic narratives and shrinking horizons, Witty represents a new generation of designers who resolutely seek out beauty, complexity and joy in the face of an adverse political and economic […]


Foresight looks towards the future with a nod to the past – specifically the Bauhaus, a German Design school set up by Walter Gropius at a time of political and economic turmoil in 1919. The Bauhaus sought to unify art, craft and industry and offered emerging artists and designers the opportunity to create designs for […]


People remain fearful and doubtful of what a post Covid 19 world might mean for issues close to their hearts, their family, their health, their jobs, their finances. More than any other group, these people are searching for happiness and are finding it through colour. They seek a place of sanctuary and see their home […]