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Colour Therapy 101

With the busy lifestlyles of today, finding tranquility and balance is more important than ever. An often overlooked yet powerful tool to help your mood and feel more centred within your surroundings is colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy. This practice dates back to ancient civilizations and centres around the belief that colours have profound effects on our mood, health, and overall well-being.

Below we’ll dive into the basics of colour therapy and how you can harness colour to enhance your interiors, and your feelings!

Understanding Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is grounded in the idea that colours emit specific frequencies and wavelengths that can influence our body’s energy. Each colour in the spectrum is believed to possess unique properties that may be capable of impacting us physically, emotionally, and mentally. By understanding the significance of each hue, you can strategically incorporate them into your environment and reap the rewards.

Below is a brief overview of what each colour represents and how it can be used. You can browse our full range of colour families and sumptuous shades here.

  • Blue: Calming and serene, blue is ideal for promoting relaxation and feelings of peace and tranquility. Blue also fosters communication and trust. Blue works well throughout the home, but we love it specifically in bedrooms, living rooms, or anywhere you want to take a break from the outside world to unwind. Try our shades Duck Egg and Scrapbook.
  • Red: Known for its stimulating and energising properties, red is often used to ignite passion, courage, and action. Red works particularly well in spaces where you want to encourage conversation—such as dining rooms. Try our shade Tufted Kilim.
  • Yellow: Bright and cheerful, yellow helps to stimulate the mind and fosters feelings of optimism, concentration, and mental clarity. It’s also associated with confidence and an uplifted spirit. We love yellow in kitchens, offices, and dining rooms. Get the look with our shades Sunrise and Happy Daze.
  • Orange: With a combination of red’s passion and yellow’s joyfulness, orange is associated with creativity, optimism, and togetherness. Orange is also believed to stimulate the appetite, so it works well in dining rooms and kitchens. Our shade Cushion Craze is ideal for a rich yet subdued orange.
  • Green: Bringing balance and harmony, green is the colour of nature and is thought to have a  soothing and rejuvenating impact. This special shade is associated with healing, growth, and renewal. It works well in any room of the house, but especially in areas where you want to feel peaceful and connected to the outside world, such as bedrooms, home offices, and living rooms. Try our shades Mellow Sage and Craft Fair.
  • Indigo: A deeper variant of blue, indigo is associated with intuition, perception, and deep contemplation. It’s believed to promote self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment. Try indigo in home offices, gyms, and bathrooms.
  • Violet: The colour of spirituality and imagination, violet is thought to inspire creativity, enhance artistic talent, and calm the nerves. It’s also linked to self-reflection and spiritual awakening. We also love violet in home offices, meditation areas, and bathrooms.

Incorporating Colour Therapy into your home

Embracing colour therapy doesn’t require drastic changes. Consider the mood you wish to evoke in your living spaces and choose paint, furniture, or decor in colours that align with those emotions. You can start small by introducing coloured accessories around the home that reflect how you want to feel. Don’t forget to use our Colour Samples to test different colours within your environment before committing.

The beauty of colour therapy lies in its simplicity and accessibility. By being mindful of the colours that surround us and understanding their effects, we can significantly enhance our mood, well-being, and quality of life. For professional advice on colours within your home and everything you need to create your ideal living space, check out the Crown Colour Insights or call into your local Crown Paints retailer today!

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