Abstract Art® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Blue Glaze® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Curiosity® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Day Dreamer® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Duck Egg (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Duck Egg (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Duck Egg (Walls & Ceilings, Silk Emulsion)
Peek-a-boo Blue®️️ (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Exotic (ELLE Decoration by Crown, botanical)
Feeling Free® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Immersed (ELLE Decoration by Crown, drift)
Indulgence® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Into The Blue (ELLE Decoration by Crown, drift)
Light Breeze (ELLE Decoration by Crown, drift)
Marble Top®️ (Easyclean, Kitchen Matt Emulsion)
Midnight Navy®️ (Easyclean, Bathroom Mid Sheen Emulsion)
Midnight Navy®️ (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Midnight Navy® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Moonlight Bay®️ (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Moonlight Bay® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Movement (ELLE Decoration by Crown, drift)
Open Water (ELLE Decoration by Crown, drift)
Palm Springs® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Peek-a-boo Blue® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Powder Blue (Walls & Ceilings, Silk Emulsion)
Powder Blue (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Printworks® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Revival (ELLE Decoration by Crown, botanical)
Runaway®️ (Easyclean, Bathroom Mid Sheen Emulsion)
Runaway®️ (Easyclean, Kitchen Matt Emulsion)
Runaway® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Runaway®️️ (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Scrapbook® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Simply Duck Egg (Easyclean, Kitchen Matt Emulsion)
Soft Duck Egg (Easyclean, Bathroom Mid Sheen Emulsion)
Stepping Stone® (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Teal (Easyclean, Bathroom Mid Sheen Emulsion)
Teal (Easyclean, Kitchen Matt Emulsion)
Teal (Easyclean, Durable Matt Emulsion)
Teal (Walls & Ceilings, Matt Emulsion)
Watermark® (CRAFTED™ by Crown, Luxurious Flat Matt)
Wave After Wave (ELLE Decoration by Crown, drift)

Blue paint colours

At Crown, we celebrate the magnificence of Blue in all its glorious shades. The colour Blue possesses a unique power to transform any space, evoking a sense of tranquility and depth. From soft pastel hues to deep, vibrant tones, our Blue paint range is designed to inspire and enchant.

At Crown, we understand that choosing the right colour is an important undertaking, and a task that may be challenging at times. Luckily, we offer a range of useful tools to help you determine your ideal selection. Our online colour swatches provide a simple way to browse and select the best paint for your project, while our Colour Samples offer an easy, mess-free way to see different shades within your space before making a final decision. You can also contact our Colour Specialists for expert advice on all of our products. 

As you explore our diverse selection of Blue shades, you’ll discover a world of possibilities that cater to every taste and style. With Crown’s Blue paint, you can rejuvenate your walls, ceilings, wood, and metal surfaces with ease. From marvelous matts to soft silks, and sophisticated satins to gorgeous glosses, your interiors have never looked so good. 

Ready to create your tranquil blue oasis? Explore our shades today and start planning your next project!