With paint you can change a room,

change a mood, even change a life.

Whatever your reason for wanting to decorate, Crown is right there with you. Our gorgeous collections contain over 200 stunning shades, so you’re sure to find the perfect colour.
And to help you create an even healthier, happier and more beautiful home, our ranges contain our unique breatheasy® 99% solvent free formula and our Walls & Ceilings range is Vegan Verified.
Start painting your own possible today.

there's a baby on the way

Hannah and Dave’s big news has meant a big change to their previously grey spare room.

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Matt Emulsion

Matt Emulsion

goodbye relationship drought

Jen’s bedroom was feeling as unloved as she was, until she added some gorgeous colour.

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Matt Emulsion

Matt Emulsion

this bear is fully grown

He’ll always be ‘Baby Bear’ to his mum, but Luke’s stylish home restoration proves he can well and truly stand on his own two paws.

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Matt Emulsion

Matt Emulsion

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