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cultivate Colour Trend

Cultivate is whimsically organic, celebrating the underrated beauty of the natural form. Combining hints of mythical magic with complex textures and earthy hues, this wholesome insight offers restful warmth and cosy comfort.

Fungi are a visual representation of infinite renewability in a world of fossil fuel consumption and endless waste. Mushrooms themselves offer a strong yet elegant structure, exuding comforting charm to inspire a palette of eco-inspired nature shades.

Twisted vines, rounded silhouettes and complex pleats make up the mossy undergrowth of the forest floor, cultivating the world of the mushroom. Designers have homed in on the unique underside of nature, utilising each autumnal shade and tactile texture. Plum and burgundy-infused neutrals and pinks are paired with light-toned fawns and taupe to bring enveloping warmth to spaces.

“Complexity with cocooning comfort. Tonal taupes, rustic browns and earthy tans gently mix with the warmth of blush pink and cherry red, forming a palette which celebrates the beauty of the natural world. Organic and earthy, this theme exudes gravitas, but it holds a comforting charm.”



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Crown Colour Insights - Cultivate - featuring Taupe Suede Textured, Ruby Chocolate, Always Orchid and Winter Cherry

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