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Aware of the impact of material consumption and waste production on the environment, it is expected that more and more projects will focus on the adaptive reuse of pre-existing buildings and materials. Many buildings are being preserved but adapted to suit new functions and architects and designers are being wonderfully creative with their designs.

In the world of design, old techniques are being reimagined. The industry is turning their interest to long-established crafts, stepping away from inauthentic mass-produced items to appreciating the unique, unapologetic imperfections of the pre-existing.

This insight allows us to connect with the past, preserving historical patterns, textures and prints to unleash our inner maximalists. Integration celebrates eclectic colours and styles, ranging from foliage to vivid birds and the natural world. Muted yet pigmented blue-greens pair with earthy neutrals, terracottas and flashes of metallic gold.

“With growing awareness of the impact of fast trends and throw-away culture on our environment, our focus is turning to more sustainable products and processes. We are revisiting existing designs and looking at old techniques, bringing them back to life and re-introducing them into the modern world.

We learn to appreciate the old and the imperfect. We’re finding beauty in the things marked by passing time, merging them with the new for a lasting design. ”



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