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Introducing our Crown Colour Insights Volume 1

At Crown, we understand how colour can change a mood, change a room or even change a life. That’s why our team of colour and interior design experts are constantly researching and reviewing global trends covering lifestyle, culture, architecture, fashion, the environment and social insight. From these external influences, the Crown Colour Insights are born – our annual viewpoint on colour and its application.

Trends can come and go, and in a landscape where sustainable considerations are overtaking a throwaway culture, our Colour Insights are more than just a trend… they reflect the circular nature of creativity, they develop and grow; ideas that spark a movement or influence the bigger picture. Colour is something that is much more evolutionary.

As we become more grounded, thankful and considered after an unprecedented period of modern history, we are seeking moments of Joy, taking time to Breathe and consider Abstract Simplicity.

Read on to find out how you can incorporate these creative insights into your home.

Joy: Our Joy insight is all about happiness and creativity. Joy urges you to have fun with colour and the ways in which you apply it within the home. When it comes to this cheerful palette, the possibilities are endless and open for your unique interpretation. Experiment with different shades, combinations, and patterns to create a space that makes you smile.

According to Crown Senior Designer Justyna Korczynska, Joy is a “specially selected pick-and-mix colour palette of uplifting shades” that “pair beautifully together for charming visual impact… With big, bold stripes as a key feature of this insight, explore all surfaces beyond just walls.”

So which colours make up the Joy palette? Soft pastels such as Le Petit Palais, Day Dreamer, Stepping Stone, and Mulberry Mist along with rich, punchy colours such as Collage, Ceramic Kiln, and Overjoyed. Updated neutrals such as Saddle Stitch, Soft Cream, and Spring Heather also make an appearance to help add balance and tone.

Abstract Simplicity: The Abstract Simplicity insight seeks to create a sense of tranquility within the home The goal is to use minimalistic details to make a space that is inviting, relaxing, and cosy. Free-flowing shapes and organic materials combine to form an understated look that encourages you to just…be.

“The smooth lines invite you in to discover a world of cool, calm, de-saturated colours,” says Colour Insights panellist Lisa Miller. “The addition of a deep authentic brown and natural moss green brings the scheme to life to accentuate details.”

Understated and subtle, Abstract Simplicity’s colour palette includes light neutrals such as East Village, Delicately Dark, Powder Brush, Warm Winter, Heart Felt, and White Pepper. Additional shades include our soft Antique Cream, earthy Light Fern, and the contrasting brown-black of Leatherbound.

Breathe: The Breathe insight is characterised by lightness and balance, both in design and in colour. Fresh shades are paired with warm earth tones to create a space that inspires mindfulness and meditation.

Writes Crown Colour Specialist Kathryn Lloyd: “For this insight we took inspiration from architectural materials which resemble a weave: materials which play with light and form shadows to allow for a playful feel within a space and remind us that nothing is ever static.”

Shades include neutral whites Linen Blend, Organic Cloth, and Poetry for delicacy, and our colours Cushion Craze and Powdered Clay for richness. The palette is accentuated with our cool and calming shades Blue Glaze, Light Fern, and Ivy Grey.

Ready to make 2023 your best colour year yet? Crown Paints has all the products you’ll need to optimise your home and beautify your walls. Order your favourite colour samples today, or find your local retailer and start something special.

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