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breathe Colour Trend

Lightness and balance symbolise Breathe, with architectural features allowing spaces to flow freely.

Light and shade from complex patterns, air bricks, woven materials and furniture intertwine with warming, earthy and fresh shades to create meditative spaces. Shadows and light play together, blurring the boundaries and expanding spaces.

Colours are balanced and soft – warm neutral whites for lightness; tonal terracotta and tan for richness, with accents of hazy greens and cool blue.

“Lightness and balance symbolise Breathe. For this insight we took inspiration from architectural materials which resemble a weave: materials which play with light and form shadows to allow for a playful feel within a space and remind us that nothing is ever static.”


Crown Colour Specialist

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Crown Colour Insights - Breathe, featuring Ivy Grey, Poetry, Blue Glaze
Crown Colour Insights - Breathe, featuring Cushion Craze, Linen Blend, Light Fern

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