Joy encapsulates short magical moments of pure happiness found in everyday experiences such as bubbles, weightlessness, multiplicity and colourful displays. Embracing a sense of humour, Joy inspires an artistic flair with this collection of contrasting colours, ranging from bold to bright and subtle to subdued. Colour is plentiful and applied in abundance using stripes or […]

abstract simplicity

Abstract Simplicity is a synonym for tranquillity. Its minimal approach builds on cocooning concepts, creating places to retreat, relax and be cosy. Lines are free flowing and fluid; furniture is rounded and inviting, accentuated with natural wooden details. The palette is warming, light and neutral with a focus on understated subtlety. Soft neutrals and creams […]


Lightness and balance symbolise Breathe, with architectural features allowing spaces to flow freely. Light and shade from complex patterns, air bricks, woven materials and furniture intertwine with warming, earthy and fresh shades to create meditative spaces. Shadows and light play together, blurring the boundaries and expanding spaces. Colours are balanced and soft – warm neutral […]