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Expert tips for festive and stylish holiday interiors

With December here, the countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun. Whether you’re hosting a big holiday event or simply looking to refresh your interiors for the season ahead, Crown has you covered.

Below, we’ll discuss some of our expert recommendations for ensuring festive and fabulous interiors that everyone will love. 

Crafted by Crown – Suede Textured Finish – Chocolate

1. Incorporate cosy fabrics and textures: Though it may be cold outside, your home should be a space of comfort. Embracing soft fabrics like velvet, cashmere, wool, suede, and faux fur will create an atmosphere of relaxation, which will make spending time in your home all the more restorative. Use these fabrics in your upholstery or in accessories like blankets, cushions, and curtains.

You can also enjoy luscious textures on your walls with our CRAFTED™ by Crown Suede Textured Emulsion. Choose from six comforting shades, each incorporating ground olive stones to create a soft, natural brushed effect on your walls. It’s time to settle in and snuggle up with a good book, a favourite movie, or a delicious mince pie. 

2. Consider your light sources: This season is all about warmth – through sight, sound, touch, and togetherness. Create a feeling of warmth in the home with soft lighting. Steer clear of overhead lighting, which is often much too harsh, and instead get glowing with accent lighting. Lamps (wall, table, floor), string lights, candles, and recessed lights are all useful for highlighting a room’s best features while camouflaging the bits you might not want anyone to see.

Since it’s Christmas, candles and string lights are especially encouraged. These will softly illuminate your space and give it that magical radiance which is so characteristic of the festive season.

Crafted by Crown – Lustrous Metallic Finish – Striking

3. Get merry with metallics: Your interiors should shimmer and shine, whatever the time of year. CRAFTED™ by Crown Lustrous Metallic Emulsion provides a stunning shimmering metallic finish to your walls and woodwork and is particularly lovely during the holidays. Opt for silver and gold accents for a luxurious shine throughout the home.

Crafted by Crown Luxurious Flat Matt – Needles & Pins and Curiosity

4. Enliven with seasonal greenery: Fresh winter foliage is a quick and simple way to invigorate interiors. We highly recommend plants and flowers all year long, but during December definitely go for pine, spruce, eucalyptus and holly (and don’t forget the mistletoe!). Position branches in vases, adorn mantle pieces or wherever you need a revitalising lift.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your design & décor: Christmas is supposed to be a time of decadence. From food and drink to gifts, traditions, and decorations, Christmas is in many ways a maximalist’s dream. The holiday is also the perfect opportunity to get creative and let your imagination run wild.

One of the ways we like to explore our creativity is through new and/or unexpected colour combinations. There are a variety of colour pairings that have traditionally been known to go very well together. These include couplings such as charcoal and white, navy and mustard, and green and brown. However, if you decide to stray from these more classic combos, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. The only way to know for certain is to test things out and see. With over 200 Crown colours to choose from, the possibilities are endless!  After all, injecting your personality into your home and making a look that’s uniquely yours is all part of the the magic of the holiday.

Who’s ready to celebrate the season in style? We hope the above tips will inspire you on your decorating journey. Be sure to explore our blogs for more advice, or call into your local Crown Paints retailer.

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