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Five kitchen trends to embrace this year

Whether you’re cooking, dining, working, socialising, or simply relaxing while waiting for the kettle to boil, your kitchen will get plenty of use. It’s the ‘heart of the home’ for a reason – the hub of daily activities, so there’s no surprise that we want our kitchens to reflect changing trends and shifting styles in interior décor. But refreshing your kitchen doesn’t have to be mean a full rip-out and remodel… we’re seeing plenty of exciting trends emerge when it comes to kitchen design, and we’ll be discussing some of our favourites below.

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1. A bolder, braver mix of colours: Today’s most stylish kitchens are anything but bland. In fact, they’re taking the plunge with plenty of delicious colour saturation for a fun and eye-catching result. Strong, high-contrast colours are being gleefully combined to create a delightful, considered space.

Our ‘Joy’ Colour Insight is ideal for embracing within the kitchen.  “The specially selected pick-and-mix colour palette of uplifting shades pair beautifully together for charming visual impact,” says Crown Senior Designer Justyna Korczynska. “With carefully balanced combinations of muted and bolder shades in equal proportions and the absence of a hero colour, this punchy palette is an invitation for play and experimentation with colour.”

easyclean® Simply Duck Egg and Powdered Clay

2. Painted kitchen islands: Looking for a quick way to inject colour into your kitchen? We recommend painting your kitchen island! This tactic is great for when you’re looking to bring a pop of colour into the room, but don’t necessarily want to take the plunge by painting your walls or ceilings. The smaller surface area of the island means it can be painted fast, and is a great place to experiment with colour without risking too much commitment. 

Crown offers water based and traditional solvent based paint for wood and metal surfaces. Our Wood and Metal paints come in gloss, satin, and eggshell finishes and are ideal for doors, skirting, or enhancing furniture.

The shade Sugar Bowl in our easyclean® Kitchen Matt Emulsion

3. Stone surfaces: More and more kitchens are featuring natural stone surfaces, and we’re loving this trending look. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to stones. From dramatic, colourful marbles to muted granites and solid soapstones, you’re bound to find a design that speaks to your unique tastes. Incorporate stone on countertops, splash backs, islands, tables, and flooring. This natural material will help to ground and balance your kitchen while adding interest and substance.

4. Colourful/interesting splash backs: Another on-trend way to add some liveliness to your kitchen space is through a vibrant splash back. From stone and tiles to wallpaper and paints, the focus is on the colour when it comes to your splash back. These areas may be small, but they’re a great place to experiment with different patterns, shapes, and shades that will enhance the look of your cooking area, as well as the kitchen at large. Why not paint stripes or swirls, or use stencils to create more elaborate forms?

Our easyclean® Kitchen Matt Emulsion with GREASEGUARD+ technology is our most advanced washable, wipeable and durable multi surface interior kitchen paint. This moisture and stain resistant formulation makes the ideal choice for anywhere in the kitchen, and can even be used on wood and metal!

The shade Teal in our easyclean® Kitchen Matt Emulsion

5. Natural wood finishes: Over the past few years there’s been a resurgence of natural materials being embraced throughout the home. Wood has increased in popularity, and is being used in both traditional and new and inventive ways. When it comes to the kitchen, wood cabinetry, paneling, islands, tables, and accessories are especially fashionable, and there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate them. Opting for natural wood grains/tones will help bring warmth into the kitchen and offer a beautiful contrast to any other colours you choose to work with.

Ready to rejuvenate your kitchen with 2023’s greatest styles? Begin your decorating journey at your nearest Crown Paints retailer or search for more ideas and inspiration on our website. Visit our Colour Samples store to try out colours at home with no mess.

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