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How to create the perfect family bathroom

The best bathroom colour schemes and layouts for family bathrooms. Combining form and function with style, Crown Paints shows you how to create a bathroom the whole family can enjoy.

How to create a bathroom the whole family can enjoy

Designing a bathroom the whole family can enjoy presents myriad challenges. From providing a functioning space for those busy mornings to a place where children can play before bed, a place that’s welcoming and easy-to-use for guests to an oasis of calm for adults to relax after a long day.

Everything you choose will impact the look and feel of your space, from the colour scheme to the accessories, the suite to the lighting. Crown Paints are not only king of colours, but we’re also here to provide you with the inspiration you need to create your dream family bathroom design.

Incorporate storage

We know that homes are getting smaller, but the amount of stuff we have is greater than ever and with so many people sharing one (usually modest) space, having plenty of storage is essential when designing a family bathroom.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large family bathroom design, make use of the area by installing wide floor-to-ceiling storage units with a mixture of open and closed shelving.

For bathrooms that are on the modest side, combination units offer a great solution. Usually containing a sink with cupboards, they’ll help keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy.

Avoid cliched colours

Child friendly doesn’t have to mean child focused. Some of the best bathroom colour schemes avoid cliched designs and instead use a more sophisticated palette. Spa-inspired and boutique-style rooms are an ongoing trend and work really well in family bathrooms.

Warm caramel shades, white marble, and black matt accessories help create a refined and sophisticated aesthetic, whilst natural materials like bamboo and wood can help bring in softness.

Use easy-to-clean surfaces

Easy to clean surfaces are a must for any busy family home, especially in the bathroom where there’s a propensity for toothpaste stains in the sink and shampoo splodges up the tiles.

Our range of specially formulated bathroom paint is not only wipeable and durable, but it’s resistant to mould, steam and condensation, making it the perfect backdrop to your family bathroom design.

Tiled walls around sinks and, of course, above the bath should be part of your plan. Metro style or thin porcelain tiles are a great way to add a touch of glamour. Choose rich jewel tones for a striking design or opt for pastel blues or pinks in an opal finish for a more youthful and fun touch.

Install family-friendly suites

A bath filled with bubbles is a great way to end the day – whether you’re an adult or a child. Of course, small family bathroom design ideas may need a shorter bath compared with larger bathrooms. With clever lighting and perhaps a jacuzzi jet or two, the size of the suite won’t matter.

Whilst a separate shower makes life easier – especially as the children get older, installing a unit over the over-the-bath is the ideal compromise. Having facilities for a rain shower head and an adjustable option is a perfect balance for family bathrooms.

Keep it cosy

A bathroom should feel warm and cosy for big bathers and small bathers alike! If you’re doing a complete renovation, consider installing underfloor heating and then laying wooden floorboards or tiles on top.

Of course, a bathroom wouldn’t be complete without oversized fluffy towels. You can even get different colours for each member of the family.

Whilst carpet can take the edge of a cold room in winter, it should be avoided at all costs in a bathroom. A breeding ground for germs, we prefer to use a natural material instead: whitewashing wood creates an inviting atmosphere and evokes lazy beach days.

Safety first

An important aspect of any family bathroom design is safety. Avoid suites with sharp edges and instead opt for a rounded finish. Keep chemicals out of reach in high cupboards or use lockable storage.

Soft-close hinges on doors and toilet seats will also help reduce the chances of small fingers getting trapped and, of course, keep sockets and electrical appliances away from water sources.

Add luxe touches

Complete your family bathroom design with some luxe touches. Dress your windowsill with a collection of ferns or add a bouquet of eucalyptus for menthol-infused steam.

Decant your lotions into brown glass apothecary bottles and place them on a high shelf, next to your favourite scented candles.

If you have young children with bath toys, keep them tidied away when not in use. When you’re enjoying some much-needed R & R, the last thing you want is a rubber duck stuck to your back!

Create your perfect family bathroom with Crown Paints

Allow Crown Paints to help you create your dream home that the whole family will love. With thousands of colours to choose from, in a whole host of paint finishes, you’re sure to find the best bathroom colour schemes for your space. Explore our collections today and feel inspired.

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