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Quick Paint Fixes for Instant Room Refresh

Longing for a home makeover without the hassle? Few elements wield as much transformative power as a fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re seeking a subtle update or a dramatic change, quick paint fixes offer an instant room refresh that revitalises your space without a major renovation. Here are some swift and effective paint hacks to breathe new life into your rooms.

Pictured here are our shades Satin Lining in Flat Matt Emulsion, English Fire in Matt Emulsion and Mustard Jar in easyclean Matt Emulsion

Use accent walls for impact: Revitalise a room by painting an accent wall. Opt for a bold colour that contrasts with your existing colour palette to create a focal point. You can also go for a subtle twist by using a tone-on-tone approach, selecting a shade slightly darker or lighter than the rest of the walls. This simple addition can create a gorgeous new look within your space without overwhelming it.

Create a charming ceiling: Don’t neglect the fifth wall! Painting the ceiling can dramatically alter the perception of a room’s size and ambiance. Consider light pastel tones to make the room feel larger or opt for a darker shade for a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Our Walls & Ceilings paint collection includes a variety of shades and finishes to suit any style, from contemporary and minimalist to traditional and eclectic. Whether you’re searching for bold statement colours or calming neutrals, we have what you need to achieve your dream designs.

Pictured here is our shade Peek-a-Boo Blue from our Walls & Ceilings range

Revamp  your furniture: Give tired furniture a new life with a paint job. From old wooden chairs to tired dressers and worn-out tables to weathered art frames, a fresh coat of paint can completely rejuvenate the piece and refresh its appearance. Our Wood and Metal paints Our wood and metal paints come in a range of finishes, including gloss, satin, and eggshell. Choose gloss for a high shine look, satin for a softer mid shine look or eggshell for a modern almost-matt look. Our wood and metal paints are easy to apply and provide excellent coverage, so you can achieve a professional-looking finish with ease. They are also durable and resistant to chipping, peeling, and fading, so you can rest assured that your surfaces will look great for years and years to come.

Add drama to your doorway: Doors are an unexpected canvas for a quick update. Painting interior doors in a striking colour adds character and depth to a room. Opt for bold hues like our shades Abstract Art, Enchanted Ivy, or Velvetine to infuse personality and create a captivating transition between spaces.

Pictured here is our shade Chocolate in our CRAFTED Suede finish

Refresh your trim: The often-overlooked trim can greatly impact a room’s overall look. Refreshing your trim with a crisp coat of paint can instantly uplift the entire space. Consider painting the trim in a bright white for a clean and classic look, or experiment with a contrasting colour to add a touch of personality.

Get creative with patterns and stencils: For those seeking a more impactful update, consider using stencils to add patterns or designs to a wall. Whether it’s a geometric pattern, a floral motif, or a whimsical design, stencils offer a cost-effective way to introduce visual interest and personality to a space.

In the world of interior design, paint holds remarkable power. With these simple yet effective paint fixes, you can effortlessly transform your space, adding personality, depth, and a renewed sense of style. Our above recommendations will allow you to achieve a beautiful, revitalised space that embodies your unique taste and style, all without the need for a full-scale renovation. Call into your local Crown Paints stockist for everything you’ll need for your next paint project.

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