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Ski lodge chic: Mountain-inspired winter interiors

Now that the winter season is upon us, our thoughts often turn to cosy mountain retreats. Ski lodges and mountain homes have a unique aesthetic, one that perfectly encapsulates the essence of winter comfort. Whether you’re fortunate enough to own a mountain getaway or simply want to bring a touch of this style to your home, wherever it may be, here are some ideas to create that warm, inviting ski lodge chic in your own space.

Opt for a deep, earthy colour palette: For a mountain-inspired interior, consider a palette of deep, earthy tones. Greens, browns, and rustic reds will mirror the outdoor scenery, creating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces. These colours also add to the warm and cosy ambiance that’s essential for ski lodge chic. Try the shades Saddle Stitch, Forest Vista, and Tufted Kilim to get the look.

Embrace natural wood accents: Wood is synonymous with mountain interiors. Exposed wooden beams, hardwood floors, and panelled walls all contribute to that rustic charm. If structural changes aren’t feasible, consider wooden furniture, timber accessories, or other decorative items that evoke the same natural feel.

Choose rich, warm textures: The foundation of ski lodge decor is its rich, warm textures. Think thick, knitted blankets, soft woolen rugs, and fluffy faux fur cushions. These textures provide warmth and comfort while offering a tactile quality that enhances the cosy atmosphere. Incorporate these elements wherever you want to kick back and relax in style.

Create cosy lounge areas: Cosy seating areas inspire relaxation and conversation. Use large, comfortable sofas and armchairs, and group them around a coffee table, fireplace, or other focal point to invite family and guests to sit down and unwind. Adding plenty of pillows and blankets makes the space even more welcoming.

Use atmospheric lighting: Lighting in a ski lodge-inspired interior should be warm and inviting. A mix of overhead, accent, and task lighting can create the right ambiance. Soft, glowing lights from table lamps, wall sconces, string lights, and candles are perfect for long winter evenings.

Incorporate stone: Stone is another element often found in mountain homes, particularly around fireplaces. A stone fireplace is a quintessential focal point in a ski lodge-style living room, radiating warmth and creating a perfect gathering spot. If a full fireplace isn’t an option, stone accents can be integrated through tabletops, lamps, or other decor items.

Choose rustic and vintage décor: Ski lodge decor often features a blend of rustic and vintage elements. Antique skis, snowshoes, and sleds can be repurposed as wall art. Vintage posters of mountain scenes or ski resorts add a nostalgic touch and are a nod to the history of mountain sports.

Creating an interior that’s reminiscent of a chic ski lodge is all about blending the rustic charm of mountain living with the comforts of home. By following the above suggestions, you can transform your space into the ultimate winter haven. Whether you’re coming back from a day on the slopes or simply enjoying a quiet winter evening, a cosy interior is the perfect backdrop for your winter activities. For more inspiration, see our blog or call into your local Crown Paints retailer.

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