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Techniques for Visually Expanding and Enhancing Room Height

In the realm of interior design, creating the illusion of more space and higher ceilings is a coveted skill. Whether you’re working with a cosy apartment or a compact room, certain strategies can trick the eye into perceiving a more expansive and airy environment. Here, we explore a variety of techniques that can visually stretch your space vertically, making rooms feel loftier and more open.

Use your paint thoughtfully: One of the simplest yet most effective ways to enhance room height is through the strategic use of paint. Opting for lighter colours for ceilings can make them seem higher, as light hues naturally recede, creating the illusion of space. Alternatively, painting the ceiling a darker shade than the walls can draw the eye upwards, emphasising vertical space. Another trick is to extend wall paint slightly onto the ceiling in a thin strip, which blurs the line where the wall ends and the ceiling begins, making the ceiling appear higher. Our Walls & Ceilings range is specially developed for both walls and ceilings, using using carefully selected Vegan Verified ingredients along with our unique breatheasy® 99% solvent free formulation to offer you the confidence to decorate your home safely.

Opt for low-profile furniture: Selecting the right furniture and decor can significantly impact the perceived height of a room. Opt for low-profile furniture, which creates more visible space above, giving the impression of a taller room. Vertical lines and patterns, whether in wallpaper, artwork, or the design of furniture and accessories, can draw the eye upward and elongate the appearance of walls. Tall, slender bookcases and shelves that reach close to the ceiling can also enhance vertical lines and make ceilings appear higher.

Maximise the light in the room: Both natural and artificial light play important roles in enhancing the perceived height of a room. Tall, floor-to-ceiling curtains hung just below the ceiling line can make windows appear larger, pulling the eye upward and making ceilings feel higher. Mirrors strategically placed to reflect light can also add depth and height to a room, amplifying the effect of natural and ambient lighting.

Embrace architectural elements: Incorporating architectural elements like crown moulding or tall wainscoting can add a vertical dimension to the room, enhancing its height. Open shelving that leads the eye upward and the strategic placement of wall art or photographs in a vertical arrangement can also contribute to the illusion of taller ceilings. Moreover, keeping the floor as uncluttered as possible will help create a sense of openness and height.

Get wise with flooring and rug patterns: The choice of flooring and rugs can also influence the perception of room height. Diagonal floor patterns or vertical stripes can lead the eye along the longest dimensions of the room, making the space appear larger and ceilings taller. Similarly, a vertically striped rug can elongate the room’s appearance, enhancing the overall sense of height.

By using the above techniques, you can transform any room into a more expansive, breathable space, regardless of its actual size. The goal is to draw the eye upwards and make use of your vertical space as much as possible, turning any size limitations into opportunities for creative and strategic design. Call into your local Crown Paints Retailer for everything you need for your next project.

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