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Transform your bathroom in these five steps

Bathrooms may be smaller on space, but they can make a powerful statement when it comes to design. Because of their size, these rooms are great places to experiment with different styles and have some fun while doing so! Bathrooms are guaranteed to get plenty of traffic, so it’s essential that they’re given the same care and consideration as any other room within the home.

Below, we’ll cover five things that you can do to transform your bathroom and help turn it into an inviting retreat you’ll love to spend time in.

Crown Easyclean® Bathroom – Mid Sheen Emulsion – Powdered Clay®

1. Replace your bathroom hardware: Your bathroom hardware can date a room if they’re a little old fashioned or worn, however replacing pieces such as taps, handles, knobs, hooks, and towel racks will instantly elevate the entire room. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate a new trend, such as matt black or antique brass hardware, which have become very popular. Best of all, this task can be completed easily, with just some minor installation work.  

easyclean® Bathroom Mid Sheen Emulsion – Runaway

2. Update your walls: Like any other room, your bathroom will greatly benefit from a fresh coat of paint. A new colour can change the whole look and feel of the space. Our easyclean Bathroom Mid Sheen Emulsion is developed to beautify your bathroom while offering long lasting protection for your walls. The condensation and steam resistant formula also includes our special MOULDGUARD+ technology, which means there’s no need to worry about soap marks, toothpaste splashes or mould. Create a tranquil oasis with the shades Runaway, Soft Duck Egg, or Teal.

3. Declutter and reorganise: Messy countertops and disordered shelves can make your bathroom appear smaller than it is, not to mention it will make it harder to find items that you need. Decluttering is one of the simplest ways to improve the look of your bathroom. We also recommend incorporating new organisational solutions such as shelves, baskets, boxes, drawer separators etc to help bring structure to the space and make it easier to sort toiletries.

easyclean® Bathroom Mid Sheen Emulsion – Clay White and Midnight Navy

4. Add some greenery: Natural greenery will bring freshness and vitality to your bathroom. There are plenty of types of plants that will thrive in a bathroom environment, so we recommend doing some research to find out which variety works best for your unique conditions. In addition to plants, displaying flowers will instantly uplift the space and make it look more considered. These are simple touches that will have a large impact on the atmosphere of your bathroom. 

5. Replace accessories: Getting new and improved accessories can alter the entire vibe of your bathroom for the better. Towels, shower curtains, bath mats, soap dispensers, and toothbrush holders are examples of common bathroom accessories that may benefit from being upgraded. These accessories are also great places to bring in colour and personality. Have some fun with your selection and be sure to choose something you love and will be happy to see each day. 

Ready to boost your bathroom style today? With paint, you can change a room, change a mood, even change a life. Start your decorating journey today with Crown and our wide range of exceptional paints that are made for every inch of the home. Order your favourite colour samples today, or find your local retailer.

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