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As more and more people find escape in a digital world with unconventional forms and explosive pops of colour, Illusory allows you to be inspired by all things surreal.

A nod to the growing trend for digital reality and immersive technology being adapted to all industries, including fashion and interior design, Illusory is unexpected but refined.

Shades of muted pink are key to creating contemporary murals in tonal colours, adding an element of surprise. Faded, dreamlike pinks harmonise, whilst a bright neon citrus and a deep muted amethyst add an unexpected punch and bring the palette to life.

“Dreamy and fun, Illusory curves between reality and the digital worlds of our imagination. Romantic hues of blush rose and raspberry swirl and layer colour upon colour. Inspiration is drawn from the free-flowing Surrealism art movement and the cute, stylised culture of Kawaii.”



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