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Welcome spring with these fresh and joyful colours

The arrival of spring brings the perfect opportunity to refresh your interiors. Recognised as a period of new life and renewal (think cute spring lambs!), the season is an ideal time to awaken the home with fresh, joyful colours. Below, we’ll discuss some of our favourite spring-ready shades that will uplift your spaces and look fabulous year-round. 

Sunrise from our Walls & Ceilings and easyclean range

Sunny yellows: “How wonderful yellow is,” wrote Vincent Van Gogh, “It stands for the sun.” We couldn’t agree more, and like rays of sunshine for your walls, our yellow paint colours will brighten any room. The colour yellow is associated with feelings of happiness, and this attention-grabbing colour will energise and revitalise the surrounding space. Create your own sunny scene within your home with our shades Happy Daze, Sunrise, and Mustard Jar from our Walls & Ceilings range.

Our Walls & ceilings matt and silk emulsion range uses carefully selected Vegan Verified ingredients along with our unique breatheasy® 99% solvent free formulation to offer you the confidence to decorate your home safely. 

Craft Fair from our CRAFTED™ collection

Sage Greens: Reminiscent of a walk in the woods or the budding spring foliage, the colour green represents growth and vitality. This nature-inspired shade is also known for its balancing and harmonising effect, bringing feelings of stability and strength. As a mellower, more muted shade of green, Sage is incredibly versatile and will have a soothing impact on your space. For a lighter sage, opt for our shades Craft Fair from our CRAFTED™ collection, or our shade Mellow Sage, which is available in a range of quality formulations. For a more saturated sage, we recommend Family Tree from our CRAFTED™ collection. One of Crown’s most sumptuous interior wall, ceiling and wood paints, CRAFTED™ by Crown Luxurious Flat Matt Emulsion provides a rich, velvety, non-reflective finish, for a timeless look.

Wave After Wave from our ELLE Decoration collection

Soft Blues: Calling to mind clear ocean waters and cloudless spring skies, the colour blue is peaceful and serene. Blue is the most popular ‘favourite colour’ for people around the world, and it’s not hard to see why. In addition to its calming impacts, blue also signifies reliability and trustworthiness. Soft blues can work well in any room around the house, and will offer a timeless backdrop to a subdued space. Get the look with our shades Blue Glaze, Feeling Free, and Scrapbook from our CRAFTED™ collection, and Wave After Wave from our ELLE Decoration range. ELLE Decoration by Crown is a premium, durable interior emulsion offering the perfect flat matt finish with endless protection for walls and woodwork.

Le Petit Palais from our Walls & Ceilings range

Pastel Pinks: A lively, jubilant colour, pink brings warmth and playfulness to a room. Pastel pinks often inspire feelings of compassion and kindness, and the use of these shades is a great way to add some softness to your space. As one of the highlights from our Joy Insight, which “encapsulates short magical moments of pure happiness found in everyday experiences such as bubbles, weightlessness, multiplicity and colourful displays,” pastels like pink are simply delightful. Try our shades Le Petit Palais, Fairy Dust, and Raspberry Souffle from our Walls & Ceilings range.

Ready to spring your interiors to life? Find everything you need for your next project at your local Crown Paints retailer. Visit our sample store to try out colours at home with no mess. You can also find plenty more decorating inspiration on our blog

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